Getting into the studio - making a decent recording.

I'm aware that it's been a long while since my last posting, but I have been very busy trying to create new content. As an artist and teacher, that's always the challenge - to keep the momentum going artistically while keeping the knowledge flowing to my students. Several of my students are working on big projects of their own, and as they get closer, I'll be announcing those to you all.

So, making a recording. Why is it important? That answer is obvious - to highlight your skills and present them in a convenient way to the public. This is a no-brainer. But making a good quality recording can be tricky. The hardest thing about recording these days is maintaining the integrity of the voice. Countless times I have heard various recording artists in person who sound NOTHING like they do on their recordings. Nowadays, lip synching and auto-tune have become crutches to give less-talented artists security. But, back in the day, the test of a true performer was to sound as good live as they did in the studio.

When making a recording, it is important that your recording engineer and producer have your best interests at heart. They should know how you sound live. They should make every effort to capture your voice and it's own individuality. This is what is lacking in a lot of pop music today. Engineers who don't take the time and care will simply run one's voice through an EQ or auto-tune to get that "processed" sound. It ruins the beauty of the tone and creates a flatness. There was a girl who went viral recently because she can natually create an auto-tuned, EQ sound with her voice. It sounded like a robot and had no color or real beauty or emotion. This is why it is so important to make sure your engineer really listens to you and what you want.

A little tweaking here and there might be necessarry. We can't all do a perfect take for every song, and sometimes we like different versions of verses and choruses. This is where the engineer can really shine. He or she can listen to you, and splice together the best of what you've done in the session to create a track that shows you off the right way! This is where the technology has an advantage and should be used. As long as you still sound like yourself at the end of the day, a little clean-up can be a wonderful thing.

So, with that in mind, here's a sampling of the recordings I made a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

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