Unlocking the potential and power of your voice.


The technique I teach is based upon tried-and-true methods used for centuries.  It is founded in basic understandings of physiology and human biology.  The reason why it works for almost all musical styles is because of this base.  When one learns to understand the voice anatomically, the possibilities for success are endless!


The method focuses on several ideas:

 - Function and Health of the Larynx

 - Learning the proper way to breathe and support the tone

 - Understanding vocal resonators as they apply to singing

 - Developing style and expression while maintaining vocal health


My technique is different because the student receives concrete information that can be backed up very easily with basic science. While this might seem daunting, each experience is unique and my approach is tailored to each student's needs. 


Over time, the student will learn more than just the notes on the page.  My students explore the infinite possibilities of their voices by knowing EXACTLY HOW they work, and how to create the correct vocal color based on that knowledge.